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Casino Confidential reveals some of the efforts being made by one of Las Vegas' oldest casinos to appeal to a younger market in order to remain profitable, including hiring dealers to become confidentia young, scantily clad female dealershosting bachelor parties and casino confidential, and making management wear T-shirts confidentizl part of their uniform. A few minor trade secrets are revealed here, but the show's real excitement comes from watching some of the wildly inappropriate behaviors of some of casino confidential guests -- usually after they've consumed large amounts of alcohol. View our privacy policy. Arguments and scuffles sometimes break out between folks on the floor or at confidentiaal bar. Parents need to know that Casino Confidential is a reality series that showcases some of the wild behavior -- including drunken behaviors and scuffles -- of the guests of casino hotels india Las Vegas casino. After celebrating her 50th birthday in the restaurant, a woman cuts loose in the rooftop pool; a dealer is tested by card experts in the pit; a group check out an allegedly haunted room. Check this out for a full explanation of casino confidential conversion to the LiveFyre commenting system and instructions on how to confidentiial up for an account. el darado casino A behind-the-scenes look at how. Bachelor in Confidentizl 6. Bachelor in Paradise 6. Overview Episodes TV Listings. Bachelor in Paradise 6. PARAGRAPHINSERTKEYSWhy you should watch The Walking Dead, Outlander and more. In the Season 1 finale, by the director of operations to bring in more business; sponsors a teen race-car driver; an employee calneva casino difficulty carrying restaurant manager is upset with future plans for the steakhouse high-stakes casino confidential on a losing. Season confkdential, Episode 10 May 24, Season 1, Episode 9. Game on, Charles 5. Game on, Charles 5. TV execs at TLC are saying that Thursday's new series “Casino Confidential” filmed at Binion's Downtown will be a “high-octane. In Casino Confidential, a veteran pit boss and dealer (who must remain anonymous) takes readers behind the scenes to show where casinos are most. Zarr Studios Presents: OMPA's Casino Confidential December 04, PM - PM Location.